Rhino 2007-2013 HID Headlight Conversion Kit

Rhino 2007-2013 HID Headlight Conversion Kit  - click to enlarge
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Rhino 2007-2013 HID Headlight Conversion Kit  - click to enlarge
TOP SELLING ITEM ON OUR SITE! NEW LOWER PRICE! No one can touch our quality/price on HID conversion kits! Top quality. No wire splicing or tapping, PLUGS into your Rhino's factory wiring! Two year warranty. Two Slim Digital Ballasts take up less room and are easier to mount. Simply mount the ballast boxes with zip ties on top of shock tower, no drilling or screwing required.

Stock Rhino headlights to High Intensity Discharge(HID) xenon gas bulb conversion kit. This kit utilizes the factory Rhino harness so there's no splicing wires to install, just plug it in. True bright white HID xenon lights, 6000K color temperature, which is close to sunlight. More economical than adding external lights, this kit is the best bang for your buck for lighting. This kit takes only 30 minutes or less to install. These are bright, you will be happy! Enjoy driving at night in your Rhino instead of fearing it. 35W, 3AMP power draw, which is about the same power consumption as the stock lights but way way brighter!

NOTE: On the clear plastic lens of your headlight it will say "Trident" or "Stanley". Trident is the 2006 model, Stanley 2007-13.


The HID conversion kits we sell do not have a separate high/low beam. The HID bulbs are either on or off. The bulbs come on when the Rhino's selector is in the Low position, when the selector is moved to the High position the headlights turn off and only the tail lights stay lit.

Don't be confused though, the headlight knob's "Low" setting which turns on our HID kit is many times brighter than the stock Rhino's high beam!

There are a few Rhino kits on the market that advertise high/low beam capability. There's something they don't tell you though. Look at the specs and the kits are still 35W. There's no way to get more power than 35W, that's the max output the ballasts will produce. So what they're doing is using a ballast that sends 20W and 35W to the bulbs. So the low is lower (only 20W) and the "high" is what our bulbs normally output (35W). High/Low kits are not brighter on the high beams than our kit. It's misleading to believe that those kits are brighter. We have had the option of selling those kits but find no reason to. In real life use we didn't find an advantage to having a lower powered low beam with less reliability, while costing more.

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