RhinoGiant "Edge" Black (Pair)

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Regular: $700.00
Sale: $499.95

Product Description

NEW!!! Price is for a pair, two seats. 100% made in California, USA.

These seats are simply awesome. This is the culmination of all we have learned making seats for the last 7 years. Nothing was sacrificed or compromised in designing this seat. We feel this is the most comfortable seat on the market, the best constructed, and the best looking.

The "open wing" design of these seats fits more body types than other seats. The seats still grip your body and keep you contained, but without the pinching of other front seats on the market. These are the only real choice for people who weigh more than 220lbs and want aftermarket seats. They are comfortable for 80 pound people and 300 pound people alike. Another bonus of the open wing design is that these seats will work with the factory seatbelts. Also will work with the factory roll cage.

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